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Rules and terms of use

You have to undestand and accept these rules and terms of use before you can use our (imagepark.biz) images. You accept these rules by downloading any of our images, so you should read them carefully. If something is not clear, it might be worth of look at FAQ page. You can also send us your question from feedback page. We will answer as soon as we can.

Common rules and terms of use

The rules and terms of use below applies for all users using our websites services.
  • Publishers decide about what kinf of use for they give their images. This information is told with every image.

  • After publishing their images in our service the photographer has still rights to his/her images, but by publishing their image they allow to download and use their images as describled with every image.

  • Selling and/or reselling these images is not allowed.

  • Use of images in non-commercial project is allways allowed. For commercial use you must check the information of that specific image if it's allowed. You are not allowed to use images in commercial projects if it is not allowed.

  • If you use these images in commercial projects you must mention publisher of image and its source (www.imagepark.biz).

  • Using images in political or religional context is not allowed without permission from photographer.

  • Publishers are personally responsible of possibly illegal material published by them. So the responsibility of published images belongs to publisher, not to the Imagepark.

  • Publishing these images on other websites is not allowed without permission of the owner of the image.

  • You are not allowed to republish these images as your own images, except if you are the owner of the image.

  • You are not allowed to archive these images.

  • Images might include some brands or logos or some kind of material which are protected by special laws. All brands, logos and other similar things are property of their registrars and/or owners. If you want to use this kind of material you must get proper permissions yourself.

  • Abusing our service might lead to temporary or permanent ban.

  • Imagepark can modify these conditions without notification. Changed rules and terms of conditions apllies only after changes.

  • By using any functions of our site you agree all conditions on this page.

Rules and terms of use for registered users

The rules and terms of use below applies for all registered users users.
  • Users has rights to be anonymoys on our service. He/she doesn't have to use his/her own name. Users can use their username instead of their real name.

  • Users can edit their profile after registration.

  • If users profile includes illegal, irrelevant or othervise disturbing material ImagePark can modify users profile or delete user without notification.

  • Imagepark holds your data confidentially, it will not be sold to any third parties and it will not be seen by the public.

  • The user must keep his/her account information to him/herself. ImagePark do not take any responsibility about any abuse by third parties. The user him/herself takes full responsibility about events on his/her account.

  • All information from users profile can be seen by other users, except password and e-mail.

  • Disturbing comments are not allowed. If someone writes disturbing comments ImagePark will prevent the user from commenting images.

  • Imagepark can modify or delete all comments without notification.

  • Every user has their own upload space for uploading and adding images to database. Images added to database won't take any space from users Own space.

  • When user adds an image to the service, he/she also accepts the terms of use and rules of photographers.

  • Users can notify imagepark of disturbing comments. We handle disturbing comments very seriously.

Rules and terms of use for photographers

The rules and terms of use below applies for all users who has added or will be adding images ("Photographer")
  • Adding an image is an event when photographer sends image to database for appreciation.

  • Publishing an image is an event when image is published on website.

  • Images uploaded by photographers will be approved by Imagepark before they will be published. Images will be published without any notification.

  • ImagePark can modify information of image before publication.

  • ImagePark might not publish uploaded images without notification.

  • Photographer can modify information of image after adding image to the database but not before publication.

  • Photographer can limit usage of image when adding image.

  • Photographer cannot delete image after publication.

  • The images cannot be deleted after publishing without a good reason from the owner of the image.

  • Active and good photographers can be promoted as ImageParks official protographers. You should'n ask promotion from staff, it will weaken your possibilities.

  • ImageParks Official Photographers can publish their images without appreciation from staff.

  • ImagePark can delete any illegal or disturbing material from service without any notification.

  • By adding an image to our service, photographer admits that he/she has copyrights of image. If photographer doesn't have any rights to certain image, ImagePark can delete can delete the image and/or user from service without any notification.

  • By adding any image to our service the photographer accepts all rules and terms of use.

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