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You can find the old news and annoucements from news-archive.

08.28.2013 9:12 pm

We noticed that user account details in ImagePark have been compromised. There have been a security breach at 15th August 2013. It is possible that the hacker gained an access to account information. Although, the passwords are saved in encrypted format in ImagePark database it is possible that the hacker can translate them to actual passwords.

Therefore it is highly recommended that all the registered users change their passwords in ImagePark and also in every other systems where they use the same password. Especially, if the same password is used to login to email account used in ImagePark, it is highly recommended that the password is changed immediately.

Because of the security breach the overall security in ImagePark has been improved. We thoroughly inspected the methods which were used to hack into our system and we managed to solve every issues we found. Addition to that we also strengthened the password encryption.

If you have any questions about the security breach, please use the contact form in the Feedback page.

09.07.2008 4:35 pm

Site was down during the last night because of some problems of service provider. Everything should be okay now.

07.31.2008 4:01 pm

Our service provider upgrader their servers and therefore there were several breaks at wednesday. If you sent an image at tuesday or wednesday and the image has not appeader to ImagePark, we recommend you to send the image again. Thank you for your patience.

05.20.2008 10:37 am

We made couple of things to get our data security better. For instance, in the registration and feedback form there is an image which content user has to write to textfield in order to get registered or to send feedback. This should make spam bots work a bit harder.

12.24.2007 3:01 pm

ImagePark.biz wishes merry christmas and happy new year 2008!

12.02.2007 9:21 am

There were problems in uploading photos to server. We fixed the problems during morning.

09.28.2007 6:22 am

As you can notice, we have made minor update to layout. Addition to that we also moved to better server and now on ImagePark should run faster and smoother.

09.24.2007 7:37 am

There may be a break coming because our current service provider does not answer our messages and we are changing service provider today. We are deeply sorry about any kind of problems considering this case.

09.11.2007 11:47 am

In next couple of weeks there will be some interruptions and site might be unavailable time to time. The reason is that we are going to transfer our domain and change service provider to better one. We will inform here when the correct times of maintenance is closer. Thank you for your patience.

07.10.2007 7:47 pm

ImagePark has now over 700 photos in its database. Our head is to have more than 1000 photos before next year. Together we can make it happen.

05.26.2007 8:53 am

Sometimes I wonder where will the photos of this site end up. I made a little research and found couple of places:
  • Harhakuva | Our first week image has ended up to Harhakuva.
  • TUKES | Tukes (Finnish foundation for safety with engineering and technics) has used photo of fuses, which can be found Imagepark also, in guide called Maintenance of Electric Devices.

01.01.2007 12:06 pm

ImagePark wishes happy new year 2007 to all!

12.22.2006 2:24 pm

Our active users has found few bugs and we fixed them today. There was a bug in editing images. From now on Member can edit information of his/her own published images. Another bug was found uploading over 2 megabytes big images to the server. We fixed that also and you can now upload images up to 6 megabytes. Thanks for the users who informed us!

11.25.2006 8:18 pm

For unknown reasons we have lost all data recorded on 11/21 - 11/24. Also all images uploaded or published during that time have disappeared from our database. If you added or published an image during that time, it would be great if you can add or publish it again. We couldn't do much about happened but we are sorry about the situation.

11.13.2006 2:20 pm

Yesterday we found a bug in register form. We fixed the problem with that but at the same time, some actions broke. Today we managed (hopefully)  to fix all problems so far. Thank you for the patience!

11.12.2006 9:33 pm

There has been problems in registering process during last few days. Because of few mistakes it has been impossible to register. The problem has been solved and you can now register to site. We are very sorry about the happened.

11.12.2006 10:39 am

We edited our Rules and terms of use. There were couple of little mistakes in them so we made some changes. It is recommended to read Rules and terms of use again.

11.09.2006 11:09 am

We made some major updates today. From now on it is possible to publish images with higher resolution than 2 megapixels. Photographer can choose the resolution of photo before publishing or adding it. We alse updated the page where you can download images. Now the photo you're watching is seen as whole. Hopefully the updates made ImagePark better. If you have something to say, do not hesitate to give us a feedback.

10.19.2006 4:28 pm

In past few days there have been problems in uploading images to the server because of some upgrading processes of the server. Problems have been solved now and you can upload images normally now on.

09.01.2006 4:28 pm

Now you can find the category of image in show page. By clicking the name of category you van browse all the images in same category.

08.26.2006 10:37 am

The new version of ImagePark has launched. It contains many improvements and hopefully users find them useful. Now it is possible to anyone to add their own images to ImagePark. All the added images are controlled by adminstrators and that keeps the quality high. We hope that you have great time on our site!

02.19.2006 12:38 pm

We have now opened our English pages.

01.27.2006 10:09 pm

Problems with loading pictures have been solved. Some visitors had a problem with loading pictures and they couldn't load any picture from the site. If someone is still having that kind of problems, we would appreciate if he or she could inform us about it.

01.21.2006 4:40 pm

We have opened a RSS feed of our new images. With RSS feed you will get information about our newest images more quickly. You can find more information by clickin the orange RSS icon on mainpage.

01.16.2006 11:39 am

I am happy to inform that we have a new photographer called Nurkka. He is also known as adminstrator of Pelisivut.org. There already are few photos of his in our database. Watch and enjoy!

01.15.2006 12:32 pm

We have opened an IRC channel. The channel is #imagepark and it is located at IRCNet and QuakeNet networks. #imagepark @ IRCNet is our main channel, but if you can't join to our IRCNet channel, you can come to QuakeNet as well.

01.15.2006 10:29 am

The site has been opened finally for Finnish people. We have a lot to do before we are satisfied with the site therefore we ask you to give feedback. English sites will be launched inside a month.

01.15.2006 12:40 am

There are one hundred photos in our database. It was our aim before we launch the site.

01.14.2006 5:53 pm

We have been finishing this site today. Adding images to the database has been started and Imagepark.biz will be opened tomorrow if everything succeeds. Short delay will compensate the quality of our site.

11.20.2005 4:22 pm

After a short break we continued with the pages. We are trying to finish developing state before December. It's our aim but fear not, it won't be our last target.

11.05.2005 11:21 pm

We are testing our adpanel at the moment. When we have finished testing it we will concentrate to make the site ready as soon as possible.

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