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We share images for free. Some images are published without any limitations and some of them have some limitations set by their publishers. Limitations are mentioned with every image on download page. Everyone, everywhere may use these images for any kind of purposes within limitations of each photo.

If you use our images in commercial contents, you have to mention ImagePark.biz and the publisher of image. Publishers name can be seen on download page. It would be nice if you mention these details also in non-commercial projects, but you don't have to do it. Remember to mention these details in essays or any similar contents if you use our images. More information can be found from rules and terms of use.


08.28.2013 9:12 pm

We noticed that user account details in ImagePark have been compromised. There have been a security breach at 15th August 2013. It is possible that the hacker gained an access to account information. Although, the passwords are saved in encrypted format in ImagePark database it is possible that the hacker can translate them to actual passwords.

Therefore it is highly recommended that all the registered users change their passwords in ImagePark and also in every other systems where they use the same password. Especially, if the same password is used to login to email account used in ImagePark, it is highly recommended that the password is changed immediately.

Because of the security breach the overall security in ImagePark has been improved. We thoroughly inspected the methods which were used to hack into our system and we managed to solve every issues we found. Addition to that we also strengthened the password encryption.

If you have any questions about the security breach, please use the contact form in the Feedback page.

09.07.2008 4:35 pm

Site was down during the last night because of some problems of service provider. Everything should be okay now.

07.31.2008 4:01 pm

Our service provider upgrader their servers and therefore there were several breaks at wednesday. If you sent an image at tuesday or wednesday and the image has not appeader to ImagePark, we recommend you to send the image again. Thank you for your patience.

05.20.2008 10:37 am

We made couple of things to get our data security better. For instance, in the registration and feedback form there is an image which content user has to write to textfield in order to get registered or to send feedback. This should make spam bots work a bit harder.

12.24.2007 3:01 pm

ImagePark.biz wishes merry christmas and happy new year 2008!

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